Business Starter

  • Accounting software 1 user
  • Implementation
  • Training in business operations:
    1.Software usage
    2.GST reporting
    3.PIC claims
    4.Report analysis

Payroll Oncloud

  • $100 per month for 10 employees
  • E-payslips (itemised)
  • Bank files for uploading to bank
  • CPF file to e-submission
  • Annual IR8A
  • Auto-inclusion
  • Inclusive of services to process the pay for you!

Business Continuity

Bookkeeping Outsource:

  • $3 per transaction for 300 or less transactions with minimum charge
    of $300
  • $2 per transaction for transactions above 300

We record all invoices, purchases, receipts, payment and journals for your daily operations. Monthly or quarterly reports will be available within 15 days from end of month/quarter subject to timely submission from end-customer.

Account Reporting

  • FRS from $450
  • GST quarterly submission from $200
  • PIC quarterly submission from $400
  • Tax Administration from $400 per year for individual