IT Setup for SMEs

IT Setup for SMEs of about 5 employees (Business Phone System) Telephone has been and will remain important communication tools among businesses. So naturally, we have to start looking at phone system setup. We shall look at 3 options for phone systems to consider: Option 1: Traditional PABX (or key phone systems) Most common brands used [...]

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Moneyworks Gold – Creating a new company document in 2 minutes

This is a tutorial on how you can quickly deploy an accounting software by creating a company file and start working on your company accounts in 2 minutes. Enjoy! If you are keen in downloading Moneyworks, please click on the link here. If you want to know more about Moneyworks, please send your enquiry by clicking this link.

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Backup your data against Ransomware

It has caught our attention that there is a growing threat of Ransomware. So what exactly is ransomware? You may open your computer one day with all your files encrypted. You try to run your usual file, it says "email to" for help to decrypt your file. You are held ransom! They would ask [...]

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Basic Guides For Buying Accounting Software for Beginner’s

The Basic Guide For Buying Accounting Software. All added features are secondary to the basic functions. Don't forget, it is the main rules of accounting that make the software so consistent all the way through. Since most of companies deal in cash in some form, the importance accounting function is Cash Book maintenance, which assure that all cash transactions are [...]

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Moneyworks Professional Payment Voucher

You might have seen or received bank's payment voucher with detachable cheque for you to tear out and bank in, while payment voucher is for your filing and reference. Banks do sell them for about S$1 per cheque. Sample payment voucher with attached cheque This desired format does have benefits: Automation in cheque printing without [...]

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